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Life Teen (Senior High)

St. Jerome Parish LIFE TEEN is a comprehensive program designed to minister to high school teens of all faiths from a uniquely Catholic base.  Reaching teens on spiritual, emotional, and social levels, LIFE TEEN responds to the need to be loved, offering meaning and direction and hope in a world plagued with indifference, aimlessness, and shallow materialism.
To provide this direction, LIFE TEEN encourages teens to embark on a journey of faith in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.  At the LIFE TEEN Mass, teens experience the depths of God's love through the Word, the teen community, and the Eucharist.
Following the Mass, the Youth Minister and core members lead the teens deeper into their Catholic faith in the LIFE Night experience.  Teens grow as a faith community, growing in understanding of what it means to be young and Catholic in the world today.
St. Jerome LIFE TEEN follows the Church's mandate to make Jesus Christ the center of everything that we do.  It is centered on Jesus, in particular Jesus in the Eucharist.  To that end, LIFE TEEN is a total youth ministry program for all teens.  This means teens of different social and economic groups, different cultures and race, different interests, talents, and spiritual maturity.  LIFE TEEN ministers to those who practice the faith as well as those who do not.

POC:  Daryl Nagel…..………...………………...………..……………Phone:  (254)-666-7722

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